I Finally Bought An Orchid

Every time I went to our local grocery store nearby to us, I always look straight to the floral section and look for a marked down flower plants. They usually put it in the baggy right in the corner of the floral area. I’m always looking for a bargain any way. I’m cheap lol!

Anyway, one morning when I was in that grocery store I saw an orchids was in the marked down baggy, I flew straight to there and checked how much they had price on it. I got so tickled for the price they had on it, it has $5 each and the original price was $15 each, I thought it was so affordable for me compare to the original price. I quickly grabbed two of those pretties one they got because some of them started turned bad. We all know that orchids are expensive, I have been wanted one so bad! but I am not willing to pay the full price for now. I was waiting for a mark down price and there it is. I finally got them! picture below is one of my pretty yellow orchid I put it in our kitchen. Ain’t she pretty!



He Want’s To Play


This is our dog Mike he is a Jack Russel terrier. When he does that he want’s me to play with him. Boy, his old, he is now 13 years old. It’s pretty old for a dog. But for me he ain’t looks old except his face is turning all white now. It use to be a dark reddish and had a blaze on his face. Too bad I didn’t get to see him how he looks like when he was young but just a photo. He was a good looking dog for me. He’s got that very thick hair on his body. His son has the dark reddish and blaze on his eyes. I can see young Mike on him. But his son ain’t that pretty compare to his young days.

Anyway that photo above shows that he really loves that chicken so much we got it for him from the yard sale. It was actually free, my husband was buying it but the lady gave it to him for free. Mike has all kind of toy aroung here, but that’s his favorite one. I guess because it squeal loud, since he’s having problem now on his hearing, because his old. Sometimes, I have hard time to call him. He can’t hear you if you don’t scream loud any more. And he is getting so sensitive too. I imagine they’re just like a human when they get old. I didn’t know that until I got here and get to experience having dog like Mike. I hope he stay more longer with us. I hate to see him going down. He loves me to death, he ain’t my husband dog any more. I am his human now, he follows me every time!

Our New Camping Tent Came Yesterday


We have not try to put it up yet and see how big and look like. As I posted the first two hunting gears we have received. This is my third outdoor gear I was waiting for to come.  We got those from the Mountain Dew promo codes I earned. I’m pretty excited to use this sometime when we go camping. Me and hubby is planning to go camping one of this day. We actually planning to go camping and fishing to Cherokee. That would be nice, that will be my first time camping. I’m anxious for that and to use our new camping tent. Photo above is our tent from krugerfarms featuring mountain dew.

She’s Here!


My brand new pink Guess pocketbook has arrived this evening. Gosh I so love it! it’s big, the size of pocketbook that i like! because i put so much stuff in my bag this is perfect. I only gonna use this occasionally though. I take care of my brand name pocketbook, they’re just two of them. My first one was a birthday presents from my friend, I so love it! I am happy for my first Guess brand pocketbook purchased. I never regret buying these and especially for the priced I paid it was only promo $22.48 can’t beat that! and the regular price was $74.50 I never be able to afford to pay that kind of money for a pocketbooks! Have a good night world.

She Will Be Here Tomorrow


Photo above is from the G by Guess website.

She will be my first Guess bag purchase. I ordered it online last Friday. The delivery will be tomorrow, I’m pretty excited for that. I bought that on sale. When I seen the price that night I just couldn’t pass it. I got to have her! lol. Anyway, that’s also the anniversary presents from my hubby. Too bad I didn’t get him nothing but, I will surely find him something later, it will be late thought but that’s okay. It is just hard for me to find something he likes. Have a nice day all.

Bee Happy


Is my banner for our yard! I love it! I thought its so cute! the red flower picture matches in my red flowers in our porch and the humming bird feeders. Ain’t that cute? I just bought that at the yard sale for just a quarter! In a pretty good condition just like new. I am so thrilled I got that, it was just a very good deal. I already have a little one that you stick in the dirt but, I have been wanted for one like that big and I don’t wanna buy it at the store they’re just too dang expensive for me. I know I can find it at the yard sale and there it is! Too bad summer is about over, it won’t be long I’ll be taking it down. But, I’ll put it be back next year for sure! 🙂

Simply Chic Wedges Shoes

I so love my new wedges shoes that I bought at Charlotte Russe last week, it’s cute and very comfy for me. It has a towering 5 inches heel, yikes! I am not use to this high heel but, I sure love it! I got this at the clearance shelf there was only two left and it happened to be that one of them was my size! You don’t often to find your size at the clearance though. I was just lucky!  I like the color too its tan and grey and guess how much I paid for it? it was $9.99 only! great find for me, indeed! Picture below is my shoes.


Hunting Gear

I am happy that two of my out gear stuff that I ordered from the promo codes I earned in mountain dew outdoor gear has arrived. I ordered three gears the tent, turkey call and the deer grunt call. Only the tent hasn’t arrived yet and it was my very first order too. My hubby loves hunting. We are planning to go hunting deer this Fall. That one thing I am looking forward. I wish they’ll hurry up and send my tent now! I’m anxious to received my new tent. anyway, I share a photo below of the two gears I got.


I Was Waiting To Get A Good Shot


I took these photo the other day when I was waiting for the humming bird to get on the nectar feeder I have in our porch. I was hoping I can snap a photo of them landed or sucking the nectar but it didn’t happen, I couldn’t catch them. It just hard to catch them anymore, my humming bird is not used with me around much while I’m in the porch especially if you do any move, it will scared them quick.

Have you notice above photo in the left side there’s humming bird in the tree? He was the one I was hoping to get in the nectar. I was gonna take a photo of him within the nectar but I failed because he never went in the nectar, he probably notice me with a camera in my hand. He didn’t want no picture taking. ( that’s funny!) I guess he’s afraid his probably thought the camera gonna hurt him. LOL. I will still keep trying to catch them. I know i will get a good photo of them sometime!

My New Created Blog

I decided to create this another blog that’s all about photography and style. I chose wordpress because this is my first one. I have been thinking about this and now its finally up. I wanted to put all my photographs here on this blog since I love taking photos, I do not have a better camera like the DSLR, I am wishing one! but I will make sure I put good pictures in here and my little bit of style.